How to Run for Local Office

The Town Board Chairman and Supervisors are elected to two year staggered terms.  In the odd numbered years, the Chairman and Supervisors #2 and #4 are up for election; in even numbered years, it is Supervisors #1 and #3.  

How to Get on the Ballot

Below are the l inks to the related forms for the Town Board Chairman and Supervisors.

Notice of Spring Election 

Form 1 - Ballot Access Checklist
Form 2 - Campaign Finance Checklist
Form 3 - Declaration of Candidacy
Form 4 - Notification of Non-Candidacy - Incumbents Only
Form 5 - Nomination Papers for Nonpartisan Office
Form 6 - Campaign Finance Registration Statement
Form 7 - Campaign Finance & Bookkeeping Manual
Form 8 - Chapter 8 WI Statutes - Nominations, Primaries & Elections
Form 9 - WI Legislative Chapter EL 6
Form 10 - Chapter 12 Wisconsin Statutes - Prohibited Election Practices
Form 11 - Town Ordinance Chapter 13.08 - Political Signs

Campaign Finance

For more information about registration and finance reporting, local candidates can visit the Local Campaign Finance Page on the Wisconsin Elections Commission Website.