Elections & Voting

The Town Clerk is responsible for coordinating election activities in the town, including registration of voters, maintenance of voter records and assisting the State in the conduct of elections. Questions regarding voting and elections may be directed to the Clerk's Office during regular business hours.

My Vote

My Vote is a website for Wisconsin Voters where they can check their voter registration, find their elected officials and polling place, request an absentee ballot and track said ballot through the election process.  We encourage you to use My Vote.  

Current Election Information
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Tuesday, April 4 Spring Election
*Local Offices to be Elected and their candidates for each office:
  *Joseph Osterman - Chairman
  *Marc Moonen - Supervisor #2
  *Rebecca Plotecher - Supervisor #4

State offices to be elected are State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Supreme Court Justice, Court of Appeals Judge (Districts 1, 2 and 4), and Circuit Court Judge.  Click here to view the complete list for all offices statewide.