Plan Commission


The Plan Commission consists of the seven members who are appointed by the Town Board.  Members include the Town Chairman who is the presiding officer, a Town Supervisor and five citizens. All members except for the Town Chairman are appointed for three year staggered terms.  


Joseph Osterman, Chairman
262-246-6100 ext. 1200
(Term Exp. 4-16-19)
Becky Plotecher, Supervisor #4
262-246-6100 ext. 1204
(Term Exp. 4-16-19)
Bryan Oelhafen, Building Inspector
Jane Stadler, Secretary
(Term Exp. 5-1-19)
Ed Nelson
(Term Exp. 5-1-21)
Mark Meyer
(Term Exp. 4-30-20)
Chad Samanske
(Term Exp. 5-1-21)

Support Staff (Non-Voting)
**If you have basic zoning questions (what the zoning is, definitions, livestock, etc) please call the Town Hall first and speak with the Clerk.  If your request is something more involved like a land division, rezone or any type of development, you will need to make a Planner's Appointment, which you can also set up with the Clerk.  Thank you!**
Gina Gresch, Administrator
262-246-6100 ext. 1003
Dan Green, Town Clerk
262-246-6100 ext. 1004
Dan Lindstrom, Planner

Meeting Schedule

The Plan Commission meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm at the Lisbon Town Hall.