1. Assessor

    Information about the assessor for the city of Lisbon can be found here.

  2. Building Inspector

    The Building Inspector is responsible for all building inspection for the Town of Lisbon, including the issuance of all permits including electrical and plumbing.

  3. Clerk's Office

  4. Fire Department

    The Lisbon Fire Department was created in 1982 to meet the specific fire and rescue needs of the people of Lisbon.

  5. Park & Recreation Department

    The Park Committee of the Town of Lisbon is committed to strengthening the community by maintaining and expanding the town's green space and recreation facilities.

  6. Police Department

    Police Services for the Town of Lisbon are contracted thru the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department, Lisbon Division.

  7. Public Works

    The Town of Lisbon has ordinances pertaining to streets and highways, right of way encroachments, and more, overseen by the Department of Public Works.

  8. Sanitary District

    Look here to find contact information for the administration of Lisbon Sanitary District Number 1.

  9. Treasurer

    View the staffing information and hours for the Treasurer of Lisbon.

  10. Weed Commissioner

    On this page you will find the contact information for the Weed Commissioner for the Town of Lisbon.